Sea Isle City Mission & Values Statement | Veteran Welcome Home Ceremony

Veteran Welcome Home Ceremony Form

Please complete this form and mail or fax back to the Mayor’s Office at least five (5) days prior to soldier’s arrival.

Soldier’s Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Local Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Branch of Service: _______________________________Rank:_____________________________________________

Check one:
□ Army
□ Air Force
□ Marines
□ Navy
□ National Guard
□ Coast Guard Assigned Service Location
   Current Location:__________________________________________
   Past Location:_____________________________________________

Please check the appropriate box:
□ On Leave
□ Completed Service – Date of Discharge: ______________________

War Veteran – check one:
□ Yes
□ No

If yes, name of war: __________________________________________________________________________________

Contact Person: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Relationship: ________________________________________________________________________________________

Please send a copy of the soldier’s DD214.  Please remove the Social Security number before sending.

Mail to: Mayor Len Desiderio, City Hall, 233 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Sea Isle City, NJ  08243 or

Fax: (609) 263-2142

For more information, please contact the Mayor’s Office at (609) 263-4461, Ext. 1245.


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