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MAYOR’S MESSAGE - August 17, 2017

With only a few weeks to go until Labor Day – and while everyone continues to enjoy this year’s beautiful weather – your City government is once again beginning to focus on capital projects that have been on hold since the spring.  For example, we have major utility projects that we'll be undertaking this fall and winter, which will ensure that our water and sewer systems operate efficiently now and long into the future.  One of those projects involves the refurbishing and repainting of our municipal water tower at 39th and Central, which dons our town’s catch phrase “Smile, You’re in Sea Isle City.”  It will be difficult to miss this project once it gets underway, because the entire tank will soon be covered in scaffolding.  However, please be aware that this refurbishment project will in no way interrupt or negatively impact Sea Isle’s water service – so there will always be a reason to “smile” as clean, safe drinking water continues to flow throughout our community.

Another project we are looking forward to seeing come to fruition is the transformation of the former public school property on Park Road. The City Administration is currently working with the firm of Garrison Architects to develop conceptual plans for a project that will enhance our recreation facilities and the opportunities for public activities.  Further discussion with the community will be ongoing as an overall plan for the Park Road School is developed. In the meantime, please remember that the City’s Division of Recreation hosts “Open Gym” sessions in the school’s gymnasium each weekday as well as other programs in the school building.  To contact the Recreation Office, please phone 263-0050.

As these and all other local improvement efforts take place, don’t forget that you can find more details in the “Project Updates” section of this newsletter and on our municipal website. Additionally, we encourage everyone to follow our overall capital project process and feel free to offer comments and suggestions.  Each autumn, the Administration presents a proposed 5-Year Capital Plan to City Council, which is reviewed in public prior to being adopted before the end of the year.  As always, input from the community helps make that process a successful one!

On Monday, August 21, a rare event will take place that is definitely worth mentioning, a solar eclipse that will be visible from Sea Isle City.  Dubbed “The Great American Eclipse,” the eclipse’s “path of totality” runs from Oregon to South Carolina, which means here in Sea Isle City we will be experiencing a partial eclipse (approximately 80%, which will certainly be spectacular). Nonetheless, it is very important to remind everyone of the dangers of looking directly at the eclipse without appropriate eye protection – and by “eye protection” I do not mean everyday sunglasses (even polarized glasses are not enough to protect your eyes). Please make sure you do the proper research and plan accordingly when preparing to enjoy Monday’s eclipse – and be sure to warn your children and friends not to view the eclipse without taking the necessary safety measures.

Smile...You're in Sea Isle!

Mayor Leonard C. Desiderio



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