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September 24, 2020

Due to COVID-19, the September 22 City Council meeting was held remotely, however members of the public were able to participate in the meeting via telephone.

At the start of the September 22 meeting, Mayor Desiderio updated City Council on several pending construction projects, stating that the City has “not missed a beat” regarding maintaining infrastructure and improving public assets, and that flood mitigation remains a top priority. Additionally, the Mayor reminded everyone to get a flu shot. The members of City Council echo the Mayor’s comments about the importance of the flu vaccine, and we also remind everyone about the value of being vaccinated against pneumonia and shingles – and taking other preventative measures to protect yourselves from disease and illness.

No Ordinances were introduced or had second reading during the September 22 meeting.

Each of the ten resolutions on the September 22 Consent Agenda was approved, including…

•    Resolution 150, which authorized the award of a contract to Command Company in the amount of $557,140 for roadway reconstruction on numerous streets that recently underwent utility improvements.

•    Resolution 151, which authorized the advertisement for bids and proposals for pipes and fitting, towing services, EMS billing, and other routine municipal needs.

•    Resolution 152, which designated a city-owned Polaris ATV as “surplus property” and authorized its future sale on .

•    Resolution 153, which authorized a 2-year contract with Coyne Chemical in the amount of $17,542 for 2020 and $18,144 for 2021 for the purchase of chlorine for the City’s Water Department.

•    Resolution 154, which authorized the City to maintain our existing bid threshold of $44,000.

•    Resolution 155, which authorized a contract with Devine Brothers, Inc. for $7,500 for HVAC repairs at City Hall.

City Council respectfully reminds all of our residents and visitors to continually practice social distancing, wear face masks when you cannot keep 6-feet distance between yourself and non-household members, and to follow all CDC safety directives at all times.

Best Regards from the Members of City Council, 

Council President William Kehner
Frank Edwardi 
J.B. Feeley
Jack Gibson
Mary Tighe

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